Requires level

Augustine's Panacea

  • Legendary Quiver


    +[626 - 750] Dexterity
    Attack Speed Increased by [15.0 - 20.0]%
    Critical Hit Chance Increased by [8.0 - 10.0]%


    Elemental Arrow gains an effect based on the rune:
    Ball Lightning now travels at 30% speed.
    Frost Arrow damage and Chilled duration increased by 200%.
    Immolation Arrow ground damage over time increased by 200%.
    Lightning Bolts damage and Stun duration increased by 200%.
    Nether Tentacles damage and healing amount increased by 200%.
    (Demon Hunter Only) [200 - 250]%

  • +3 Random Magic Properties

  • Account Bound

The demon hunter Augustine liked to use the right projectile for every occasion. She was thrilled to discover this quiver in an ancient barrow.