Fan Creation of the Week: Diablo III Anniversary Art

Fan Creation of the Week: Diablo III Anniversary Art

From the highest pillars of Caldeum to the harsh snows of Arreat, champions from the far corners of Sanctuary have come together this year to defend their homelands against the forces of the Burning Hells.

Like these stalwart heroes, artists from around the world heard the call and readied their artistic weapons of choice to join with us and celebrate the day that the Lord of Terror returned to Sanctuary!

"A Piece of Cake" by Crimson-Nemesis

This week's community spotlight showcases an array of stunning fan art created by players from around the world to commemorate Diablo III's one-year anniversary. Feast your eyes on some new and exciting pieces from artists you may have seen featured here on the Diablo III website before, as well as others from all over the globe!

"Diablo 3 Anniversary - Inarius and Lilith" by Ziom05

by Jihun Lee (Jihun) "Diablo III Anniversary - Gargantuan Witch Doctor" by StaplesART - Making-of Video on YouTube

"The Journey" by Yuan

"Diablo 3 - Anniversary Fan Art" by DeivCalviz "Diablo III 1 Year" by Daye Kim (NAG)

"Imperius, Archangel of Valor" by Tamplier - Making-of Video on YouTube

"Diablo" by Toxic Panda "Happy Birthday Diablo 3" by Reagan Kim (Mistaryx)

"Desolate Sands - Cave of the Betrayer" by UnidColor

"Diablo 3 1st Birthday" by Subin Lee (SuriSuri) "Witch Doctor (Diablo 3" by d1eSELxxxx

"Azmodan, Lord of Sin" by VanLogan

by Boban

Make sure to check out the artists on their respective sites listed above for even more revelry and eye-catching goodness!

Are you interested in joining in and creating something special for Diablo III's one-year anniversary? Email your finished piece to us at for a chance to be featured and shared with the rest of the Diablo III community!