Diablo III’s One-Year Anniversary Infographic

Diablo III’s One-Year Anniversary Infographic

It's been one hell of a year.

Heroes have risen, angels have fallen, and the mortal realm of Sanctuary has once again been saved from the brink of despair. As Nephalem, your accomplishments are innumerable. You’ve saved a village from the risen dead, laid to rest the tortured soul of a dishonored king, solved the mystery of the Fallen Star, avenged the death of a powerful Horadrim, unlocked the secrets of the Black Soulstone, cast Belial from his throne of deceit, stopped a demonic invasion almost single-handedly, restored Hope, and vanquished the Prime Evil, preserving the sanctity of the High Heavens and ushering in a new age for the world as we know it.

But have you ever wondered how your deeds measure up in the real world? To showcase the strength of the Diablo III community and how awesome you all are, we've put together some interesting statistics.

How many heroes have been created? How many demons have been slaughtered in pursuit of treasure? And just how many times has the Lord of TERROAR Terror been killed? Find out below!

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