Fan Creation of the Week: “Searching For Truth”

Fan Creation of the Week: “Searching For Truth”

This week's community spotlight shines brightly on fan artist ChaoyuanXu and his breathtaking rendition of Leah and her Uncle Deckard, titled "Searching for Truth"


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But wait, there's more...

If you loved ChaoyuanXu's interpretation of two of Diablo III's most critical characters, then you'll be sure to enjoy his other Diablo-inspired pieces, including -- but certainly not limited to -- "Unstoppable Monk""Wizard Unleashed", and "Enter Demon Hunter" (all featured below).


Witch Doctor and the Gargantuan and Barbaric Barbarian complete the set.

To see more work by this talented artist, head on over to ChaoyuanXu's gallery on Deviant Art or check out his blog at