Sword of Justice Issue #3 Now Available

Sword of Justice Issue #3 Now Available

From the explosive team of Aaron Williams (North 40) and Joseph Lacroix (L'Encyclopédie du mal) comes Diablo: Sword of Justice.

A horrific plague of madness is spreading throughout the Dreadlands, transforming its victims into bloodthirsty savages. The only hope of stopping the affliction before it consumes mankind may lie with Jacob, a wanted fugitive whose destiny is bound to the Archangel Tyrael's legendary Sword of Justice.

Jacob's struggle to elude a group of deranged kinsmen hunting him for the crime of murder continues in Issue #3 of the Sword of Justice comic series. As his enemies close in, Jacob taps into the true potential of Tyrael's enchanted blade. Yet with his newfound power comes a difficult choice: to pursue freedom, or to return to his plague-ridden home of Staalbreak and face his troubling past.


Issue #3 of Diablo: Sword of Justice is now available on store shelves and online:

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