Sharing Is Caring: The Shared Stash

Sharing Is Caring: The Shared Stash

Adventuring in Sanctuary can be a lucrative business. Between all the quests to complete, the corpses to loot, and all those barrels, crates, and chests to pilfer, players in Diablo III may quickly find their bags overflowing with treasure.

Fortunately, much of that loot can be equipped, sold on the Auction House, or salvaged to recoup gold or crafting materials. But, what about the remaining items that aren't immediately useful or would simply be more valuable to another character class? 

Sure, you could just cast them aside, but that'd be crazy! Instead, why not place them in the shared stash?

One For Me, And One For You
In addition to a character's personal inventory, players in Diablo III will also have access to a shared stash, a new storage option which can be used by all characters on a Diablo III account. Accessible from each major town at the beginning of every act, the shared stash will give you an unprecedented amount of storage space, more flexibility when it comes to inventory management, and -- perhaps most importantly -- the ability to share the items you collect (or create) with whichever of your characters need them most.

While players will start out with only a single tab in their shared stash with a limited number of slots, upgrades in the form of additional slots and tabs can be purchased for gold by any character you create. You'll be able to buy up to 5 tabs, each containing 70 slots of space, for a total of 350 slots of shared storage! Once bought, the upgraded storage space will be available to every character on your Diablo III account.

A Golden Opportunity
Now, some of you who have played Diablo II may be wondering  whether or not gold can be stored in the shared stash. The short answer is "no," and that’s because the way gold is saved has been improved significantly in Diablo III.

Instead of gold needing to be stored in a character's inventory or its private stash, like it was in Diablo II, it will now be a pooled resource that's usable by all the characters on a Diablo III account.  This will help eliminate the tedium of having to move gold in and out of stashes, as well as make it quicker and easier for you to get back to the merciless, unrelenting slaughter of every hapless demon in sight.

That's So Hardcore
Hardcore characters are a breed apart. With the challenges and rigors of that play style in mind, it's important to note that Hardcore characters on a Diablo III account will share exclusive access to a shared stash (as well as an auction house and gold pool) that's completely separate from the one used by Normal characters. Players will still be able trade items between their Hardcore characters, but they won't be able to give Normal characters access to anything that's only available on Hardcore Mode, or vice versa.

The shared stash offers players a convenient way to store their precious items, crafting materials, and gems like never before. So, what kind of items do you think you'll hoard away? The High Heavens are the limit!