Whee-hee! Loot Goblin amiibo Now Available

Whee-hee! Loot Goblin amiibo Now Available

On November 2, 2018, Diablo III Eternal Collection launched on the Nintendo™ Switch, welcoming a whole new legion of heroes to the battle for Sanctuary. Whether slaying demons on the go or from the comfort of their couch, the Switch offers these brave newcomers endless exploration, adventure, and loot. Tons and tons of loot.

But what’s a hunt without the grandest of riches? The most adorable and treasure-laden demons of The Vault are ready to invade your hearts and homes with the Loot Goblin amiibo™.

How Does It Work?

In order to scan an an amiibo, first you’ll need to open an amiibo Portal. By default, all characters have an amiibo Portal item available to them in their stash. Activate this item from your inventory to open a Rainbow Portal.

Scanning the Loot Goblin amiibo will transform this Rainbow Portal into a shimmering golden portal that will take you to The Vault—the mysterious and treasure-filled realm of the Treasure Goblins and their enigmatic Baroness, Greed.

Scanning any other amiibo can only be done outside of town and will spawn a Champion pack of enemies—a challenging group of monsters with special powers and improved treasure.

All amiibo can be scanned once per day each, so be sure to take advantage of those extra challenges, loot, and first-class ticket to The Vault as often as you can!

Where Can I Get One?

The Treasure Goblin amiibo is a Gamestop exclusive, so head on over to their website to order yours or purchase at your local retailer!