The Waypoint - Week of October 6

The Waypoint - Week of October 6

Grab a Bottomless Potion of Pumpkin Spice and put on your favorite demon-slaying soundtrack—it's time for another Waypoint!

Get Ready, Go, Get Set!

We nephalem spend a lot of time hunting for rare items—including those elusive (but oh-so-awesome) Sets. /u/Inudax of Reddit Diablo has not only collected all of the Set items for all six classes, but shared the completed look for each group. If you’ve been waiting to find that last Set piece to finish your build, and wonder what the final result will look like, this post will give you a glimpse into your future.


What's Your Favorite "Oddball" Build?

While brainstorming build ideas, you might come up with one that seems a bit strange at frst, but (in trying it out) you end up falling in love with it. In our official forums, Halcyon#1378 explains that his "sword DH" is his current character of choice, and asks other players what their "oddball" build is.

Do you have a hero build that might appear odd at first to others, but you really enjoy playing it? Share it below!

Catching the Pumpkin Spice Craze

Do you, like Denby#1378, wish you had your own pumpkin-flavored potion to enjoy while celebrating our first Season in Sanctuary?

Well, wait no more! Diablo III player and Eat Game Live creator Kierpanda whipped up a super smooth (and super tasty) Bottomless Potion of Pumpkin Spice recipe to satisfy everyone who loves fall!


Which Music Is The Best Music for Slaying Demons?

While some people are perfectly content to listen to the in-game soundtrack, others prefer to queue up their own tunes while playing Diablo III. Gaarashatan#1372 proudly proclaimed that he likes to hear classical music when attempting to banish the minions of the Burning Hells, and others chimed in on his thread with their favorite musical masterpieces, too. It made us wonder what people listen to when playing the game.

What goes into your playlist when you head out to slay demons?

A Moment of Unbelievable Luck

Luck is always changing in Sanctuary, and sometimes the odds are completely in your favor. Ashleigh#1834 asked fellow players on our official forums about their all-time "best loot moment," and the responses she received made us want to share the question with you today. 

So, heroes, tell us about that one moment of unbelievable in-game luck. Did you manage a perfect (or near-perfect) roll on a rare and powerful item? Perhaps it was finding two very good items within a minute of each other? Had a "lootsplosion" that rivaled all others? 


Conclusion: Who’s Got the Best Ideas?

Have you seen an awesome thread, tweet, article or video that caught your attention? If so, please send it to (along with a brief explanation of why it’s worth sharing)!

We’d also like to hear your stories about friends who helped you out in the game, answered a tough gearing question, or helped out your clan lately. It’s the little things that count, and the small things your fellow nephalem do to help the community are worth giving some attention!

That wraps up this week's Waypoint. We’ll see you next time, nephalem. Until then, be sure to slay a few demons for us!