Play Your Way Thursday Begins This Week!

Play Your Way Thursday Begins This Week!

Theorycraft Thursday has been a wonderful experiment and opportunity for us to engage with you, the community, on a personal level. However, after reading through your feedback, we've made the decision to change the name of this blog series to Play Your Way Thursday.

So What's Changed?

You may be wondering how this will affect the content of the newly named blogs. In short, neither the content nor the focus will be changing. You'll continue to see interesting and innovative builds here, and the emphasis on accessible experimentation will remain.

OftRepeated's "At My Signal" Witch Doctor is one of many great examples we've featured that thoroughly explores a theme both "just because" and for efficiency.

This series was never intended to focus exclusively on top tier players who live and breathe Torment VI. While efficiency and number crunching are important parts of theorycrafting, they both stem from experimentation and hatching unique or, dare I say, crazy new ideas that take some trial and error to explore. Playing around with those ideas is a lot of fun, even if they don't work out to be the best. After all, every great build has to start somewhere, so let's poke around, think outside the box, and share your fun and interesting builds with the world!

How to Submit Your Build

Aside from the visual name change, also be aware that our e-mail submission inbox name has also changed. You can now send your build ideas to Remember to go over our submission requirements checklist as incomplete entries will not be considered for publication.

If you've already submitted builds to, don't worry about resubmitting them. Those entries haven't gone anywhere and are still up for consideration!

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and the goal here remains the same. I still want you to send in your builds with your items to show the rest of the community how you play the game. This has been, and surely will continue to be, a fantastically fun feature to write and I look forward to continuing to share it with you all.