Vote For Your Favorite Build!

Vote For Your Favorite Build!

Another four weeks have passed and we've highlighted four very different Theorycraft Thursday builds. Now it's time to choose your favorite build to be featured on our livestream! 

Voting - How Does It Work?

If you missed out on our "Round 1" Theorycraft Thursday community vote and livestream, you may be wondering just what kind of shenanigans are going on around here.

Here are the quick and dirty details:

  • Each round of Theorycraft Thursday lasts approximately six weeks. 
  • For the first four weeks, we'll highlight four different player-submitted builds (one build per week).
  • On the fifth week, we'll offer you the chance to vote for the build you liked the most.
  • On the sixth week, we'll host a livestream over on featuring the winning build. 

The player who submits the winning build will also be invited to participate in the livestream, alongside myself, members of the Diablo III development team, and community infuencers. During the stream, we'll talk about the build itself, how it's improved based on feedback, alternative ways to customize, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Vote Now!

If you've missed out on any of Round 2's featured builds, don't worry! Below is a quick overview of the different classes we featured to catch you up to speed! 

Week 1 - Outlaw's "MRL" Demon Hunter

Mobility and an impossibly infinite supply of rockets were the focus of Outlaw#1468's "Multiple Rocket Launcher" build. Focusing on heavy use of the Strafe (Rocket Storm) ability and offering quite a bit of item variety, be especially sure to give this early Torment build a try if you're interested in mastering resource management skills and kiting techniques.

Caution: Excessive spinning motion may cause disorientation, explosions, death, and awesome. Please consult your physician before utilizing MRL.

Week 2 – OftRepeated's "At My Signal" Witch Doctor

Shortened from "At My Signal, Unleash Hell," OftRepeated#1136 showed us the terrifying results of equipping an army of Fetish minions with a limitless supply of heavy artillery. The name of the game here is MOAR POISON DARTS, and if your goal is to cover your screen in a blanket of death and destruction, this mid-to-high Torment build will certainly do the trick!

Fun fact - I felt a little like Hodor writing this one. MOAR POISON DARTS? MOAR POISON DARTS!

Week 3 – Vaeus's "Demon Queller" Monk

In any typical fantasy setting, the fireball is widely considered one of the most deadly and iconic representations of death and destruction. Vaeus#1389 asked the question of why bother casting a fireball if you can be the fireball?  A massively AoE oriented build designed to light your inner (and outer) fire, give it a try in early-to-mid Torment levels!

A strong elemental theme, a little story background, and a whole lotta boom make up this fiery build.

Week 4 – Suckerfred1's "Lead Foot Lacerator" Barbarian

Last but certainly not least, Suckerfred1#1771 wanted us to embrace our inner savagery with the Lead Foot Lacerator build. A Physical damage build, this is all about tearing through your enemies with Rend and the Whirlwind proc of the Bul Kathos’ Oath weapon set, leaving each pack behind as their life force drips away. If you’re looking to try your hand at harnessing your Fury, give this build a try in any Torment difficulty. 

Watching all those health bars steadily drain is super satisfying. Wilt before my blows!

Now Vote For Your Favorite!

So which build did you enjoy the most these past four weeks? Select your favorite below to cast your vote. Don't delay, though! Voting ends July 5 @ 9:00 a.m.PDT

Want a chance to hop on stream with us in the future? Then don't forget to send your build to me at and make sure you include all the sweet details outlined in our forums. In the meantime, who are you most excited to see on stream? Join us in the comments below and we'll see you next week!