Reaper of Recipes Challenge Winner

Reaper of Recipes Challenge Winner

Get ready to snack on one of Sanctuary's most sneaky beasties!

That's right, nephalem. We recently tasked with you with creating a Diablo-inspired dish in our Reaper of Recipes challenge, and now a winner has been chosen. Gaming gastronome @kierpanda from Eat Game Live has cooked up her favorite submission, and the results are diabolically delicious. We think even Tyrael's fickle stomach would be pleased!

Behold, the Sand Shark Caldeum Style (a.k.a. Baked Hake with Quinoa):

To learn more about this challenge, the winning recipe, and heaps of other scrumptious, game-themed treats, head on over to Eat Game LiveThanks to everyone who submitted recipes, and congratulations to Louis Sarlin for this tasty creation!

Have your own Sanctuary-themed recipes? Then be sure to share them in our Community Creations forum!