Diablo III: Reaper of Souls™ – The Crusader Arrives

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls™ – The Crusader Arrives

Among the small townships of Sanctuary, rumors have surfaced of a battle-scarred warrior hailing from the eastern swamplands of Kehjistan. Clad in impenetrable armor and wielding a massive shield, it is said he is a member of a legendary holy order—one of the pious followers of Zakarum who have vowed to defend their faith against corruption and decay.

Brutally culling his foes with hardened steel and incinerating light, this mysterious wanderer has left a bloody westbound trail in his wake, signalling a slow, but steady advance towards the cursed town of New Tristram. . .

Meet the Crusader—the new hero class in Reaper of Souls™ who will forever shift the balance of power in Sanctuary.

Learn about the origins of the Crusaders, their prowess with flail and shield, and the divine favor that empowers them to unleash the fury of the Heavens in our all-new video below. Then, get ready to launch a crusade against the Lords of the Burning Hells, and even Death itself, on the March 25!

For more details on the blessings granted to the Crusader, visit http://www.diablo3.com/reaperofsouls.