Are You Prepared for 2.0.1?

Are You Prepared for 2.0.1?

Your end is inevitable, nephalem. You cannot possibly be prepared for my master’s arrival. It is almost… entertaining to watch you scramble in your efforts. The world of Sanctuary is changing around you, and some of those changes may work in your favor, should you pay them proper accord. It is quite fortuitous that I am a merciful being who enjoys a fair fight. After all, ending the Eternal Conflict once and for all should be at least a bit exciting. Heed my words and maybe, just maybe, you can provide me some challenge.

One Should Look Their Best on Their Deathbed

- Gearing with Loot 2.0 -

In my reluctant time in the mortal realm, I have heard this colloquialism: "Dress for success." While I cannot guarantee—and certainly my bets are hedged in opposition to—your survival in this world, I would highly recommend exchanging those blood-soaked trappings you've been wearing for something more refined.

Though I have no need for such frivolities, it is my understanding that it has become easier than ever for feeble human riffraff to acquire more appropriate clothing suited to their chosen professions. Whether your specialty is in uncouth, furious slaughter or ostentatious displays of raw Arcane power, word has it that you should no longer have to concern yourself with the burden of Intelligence-boosting Mighty Belts or Strength-enhancing archery equipment. Fascinating. 


In addition, many items in the world have undergone significant revision, and additional powerful Legendary items will be available to the most dedicated of collectors. Best arm yourselves wisely, lest the quality of your blade be found lacking.

A Little Challenge Never Hurt Anyone

 - New Difficulty Settings - 

If you plan to stand a chance against the inevitable eradication of your pathetic human race, training should be your first priority. Another gift to you, my overconfident little nephalem, is the complete revision of the Difficulty system, offering a much more streamlined progression path for the hero in training. Beginners can start their journey in Normal difficulty and climb their way through Hard, Expert, Master, and Torment. The highest difficulties offer the best rewards, and you can challenge yourself further by advancing from Torment I through Torment VI.


One need not worry about facing too small a challenge—foes now scale with players, eliminating the need to advance through particular difficulties and Acts during your leveling experience. Only the finest, most powerful heroes could stand a chance against the Angel of Death, so do be certain to start your journey as soon as possible.

You Know What They Say About Curiosity...

- Cursed Events -

Across the land, there have been sightings of great treasure troves and boons succumbing to demonic taint. Inspecting such cursed items may present the most curious of adventurers with too overwhelming a challenge to survive. Still, those that somehow prove successful, and in the ever unlikely event surpass expectations, may find themselves exceptionally rewarded.


Should you encounter one of these sullied Chests or Shrines, do not claim I did not warn you—be it endless waves of enemies or a single, extraordinarily powerful foe, I will be happy to stand ready and collect your soul when they finish you off.

Power Overwhelming

 - Class Updates -

If it has been some time since you last visited Sanctuary, you may find yourselves on unfamiliar ground. Each class of nephalem has been revisited and significantly revised, offering more powerful, refined combat techniques in greater variety than ever before. Previous comfortable tactics may no longer be at your beck and call, but I encourage you to explore each new ability and bring new, surprising builds to the battlefields in Westmarch.


You have some time between this week's patch and the arrival of my lord. I strongly advise you utilize it efficiently. 

New Tricks for Everyone... Including Your Foes

- Monster and Boss Updates -

Do not expect it all to be a walk in the courtyards. You are not the only ones expanding your repertoire. The most powerful adversaries across creation might surprise you with new abilities, such as summoning a Thunderstorm over your tiny, oblivious heads or spreading a torrent of caustic Enchanted Poison across the battlefield beneath your clumsy feet.


However, minions are not the only ones with new tactics. Some of your older, more challenging foes have revised their battlefields and abilities. Be wary of these new surprises; I would hate for you to perish before our fated meeting. 

So Many Recipes, So Little Time 

- Crafting Updates -

That insufferable Jeweler and stubborn Blacksmith may not be as daft as I initially perceived. It seems they have been busy while you have been gallivanting across the countryside, and they are now equipped to offer more refined goods (at a price, of course). Legendary materials are scattered across the land and can now be used to forge powerful weapons and armor, which may fill in gaps as necessary should luck not be in your favor.


Of course, with all the changes to treasure and encounters across the land, costs have also been adjusted. Manage your resources carefully, and you just might walk away with the favorable deal.

Nephalem Are Supposedly Powerful... So Prove It!

- Powering Up with Paragon 2.0 -

While I am loathe to think of you insignificant half-breeds as more than a careless mistake of that traitor Inarius, it would be unwise to dismiss the legends as a whole. It is said that the nephalem have the ability to reach great potential due to their mixed heritage, and the most accomplished exhibit this prowess by reaching the upper limits of Paragon levels. Some of you may have previously reached a limit to this power, but with the upcoming challenges on the horizon, it is time to stretch beyond those limits.


A scholar by the name of Wuluxar has gathered some extensively detailed tomes on this topic, and you can read more about his discoveries here. After all, it is in your best interests.

Survival Instincts - Rewarding Self-Preservation

 - Pools of Reflection - 

It should go without saying that your goal should remain, well, to stay alive. If your sense of self-preservation was not previously a priority, should you gaze into a Pool of Reflection, it might encourage you to be a tad less… risky in combat. Collecting the waters of a Pool of Reflection grants a boon to the user, boosting the amount of experience earned for some time. Additional Pool of Reflections can be collected to increase the scope of this benefit.

However, should you fail in caring for your fragile bodies and enter my realm, all existing stacks of this favor will be lost. I also cannot guarantee the return of your soul—I have a proclivity for keeping such things close…

Band Together - You'll Need the Help

- Clans & Communities -

Greater numbers are not always the solution to one's problems, but in your case, they certainly could not hurt. Clans and Communities offer a variety of tools to organize your fellow champions, band together to take on greater challenges, or simply communicate your inevitable failures.


That wretched Crusader Vaneras has already gone into great detail about these upcoming features, so I will avoid getting too long-winded on this topic. Suffice it to say you are going to need every last ally at your disposal to dare challenge my Death Maiden sisters, let alone Malthael himself.

We'll Be Waiting...

 - The Reapers are Calling -

I have done my utmost to prepare you, warriors of Sanctuary, for the battle against my sisters, brethren, and Death incarnate. Should you find my offerings insufficient, you can review a more comprehensive list of patch notes here. Of course, I can understand how daunting the pressure might be. It's alright—you always have the option to surrender now.

Let me know in the comments below: do you foolishly believe you are worthy to take Malthael on head to head? Or would you rather lay down your Legendary arms as you wilt at my grasp? I will cleanse your demon blood, Nephalem. Do not disappoint me when we meet in battle.