Design a Legendary, Part 5: Choose Your Name Vote

Design a Legendary, Part 5: Choose Your Name Vote

The Design a Legendary project is well underway. So far, we've selected the weapon type, weapon theme, and the vote for the item's Legendary power is nearly complete. The concepting phase has also concluded for the item's visual appearance, and we'll be able to share with you 3D models and low-rez screenshots of item in-game early next week!

But there's still one big thing left to decide: the item's name.

When we originally started the Design a Legendary project, our goal was to host an official naming contest near the end of the design process. We even had super fancy legal Terms of Use all drawn up and ready for digital print. 

Unfortunately, even the best laid plans of mice and CMs can go awry and, due to development deadlines, a full contest isn't in the cards at this point -- especially since we want to make sure that this Legendary is available with the release of Reaper of Souls (rather than needing to be patched in later). But have no fear! It's still very important to us that the name of this Mephisto-themed, one-handed sword to be chosen by you, our players, so we've come up with *cue trumpet flare* other plans.

Over the past week, we've scoured forum posts, blog comments, tweets, and more wherein players have suggested some amazing names for this particular Legendary. Of those names, our designers have chosen five which fit the tone and theme of the weapon. Those five player-submitted names are below.

  • Spine of the Father

    • Why we like this name: Mephisto was the father of both Lillith and Lucion, two demons who played a significant role in the events behind the Sin War. He could also be considered "the father" of the Triune, a cult led by Lucion with the purpose of converting humanity to the side of the Prime Evils. Given this notable lineage and the actual appearance of the Legendary sword, we felt "Spine of the Father" was both an evocative and thematic contender. 
  • Rancor

    • Why we like this name: The definition of rancor is a "bitter, rankling resentment or ill-will; hatred or malice." Similar to "Malevolence" (listed below), we feel this particular descriptor fits Mephisto rather accurately and would suit any weapon bearing his semblence or power. 
  • Shard of Hate

    • Why we like this name: Simple. Straightforward. To the point. Mephisto is the Lord of Hatred and this particular Legendary sword, embued with the powers of the Great Evil, could be considered a fragment of his essence. We provided this option for players who may not delve too deeply into the history of Sanctuary or the Burning Hells, but still wanted a name that could clearly be linked to Mephisto himself. 
  • Malevolence

    • Why we like this name: The definition of malevolence is "the state of being malevolent," which is to exhibit ill-will, wish harm to others, and/or to have an evil influence. While all of the Great Evils embody these traits to some degree, we feel that they represent Mephisto quite well. "Malevolence," in turn, would prove a fitting name for a weapon possessing his power and abilities.
  • Sankekur's Sorrow

    • Why we like this name: "Sankekur occupied the seat of the Que-Hegan, the highest divine authority of the Zakarum Chuch [. . .] At some point during his reign, Sankekur succumbed to the influence of Mephisto. The Lord of Hatred later overtook Que-Hegan completely, twisting the man's body into a horrific demonic visage." - The Book of Tyrael. A name like "Sankekur's Sorrow" would provide both a historical and an emotional connection to the Lord of Hatred. And, hey, it sounds cool, too. 

So, pick your favorite by using the voting options below, and be sure to spread the word. As with previous votes, whichever name gets the most votes globally wins!

After the poll has closed, we'll tabulate player votes from all our different Diablo III communities around the world to determine the winner and share the results next week. Don't delay, though—this poll will close Wednesday, January 29.