Reaper of Souls™ First Look: The Mystic

Reaper of Souls™ First Look: The Mystic

Thanks to you, hero, the Prime Evil has been vanquished and the Lords of Hell locked away within the Black Soulstone. You've saved countless lives on your adventures through the High Heavens and back, but your journey isn’t over. A terrible evil rises to threaten Sanctuary again—thankfully, another skilled Artisan has emerged to aid you.

(Re)Introducing, The Mystic:

In Reaper of Souls, you'll have the opportunity to join forces with a new and powerful ally: Myriam Jahzia, the Mystic. 

Myriam Jahzia is a wise woman who will offer you sage advice during the turbulent times ahead. She and her clan are nomads known as the Vecin—a spiritual people, blessed with magical visions. They hail from a matrilineal society who worship a powerful deity known as the Allmother. The Vecin believe that the Allmother is the source of their visions, and that it is because of her that all Vecin possess a sixth sense they call the Sight. While the Sight always manifests more strongly in Vecin women, it's especially strong in Myriam.

Although she is quite a resourceful individual, Myriam proves no match for Malthael's forces and is trapped by their relentless advance. You will have the chance to save Myriam while adventuring in the city of Westmarch, and shortly after encountering her, she will offer her Artisan services to you, regardless of your level. 

These early concepts showcase the progression of the Mystic's Cart.

Like your companions Haedrig Eamon the Blacksmith and Covetous Shen the Jeweler, Myriam the Mystic is a skilled Artisan, capable of altering the very nature of even the most elaborate armor and weapons. Over the years, Myriam has learned to harness her craft, and as thanks for rescuing her from Malthael’s vicious constructs, she offers two unique services to aid you on your mission: one that strengthens and enhances your items (Enchanting), and one that allows you to further customize your appearance (Transmogrification).


Have you ever looted an item whose stats were almost perfect, but one property just wasn't quite what you had hoped for? Or perhaps you found an item you love, but are starting to outgrow its power? With Enchanting, you will be able to reroll one property on a Rare or Legendary item simply by speaking to Myriam, opening up her Enchant menu, and then paying a material cost. It's that easy!

While not all properties can be rerolled, most can, and you'll be able to reroll a single property over and over again, as many times as you like. This allows Enchanting to feel meaningful, while still allowing lots of room for you to hunt for even better base items (which, of course, you can then Enchant into even more powerful items, and so on).

How Enchanting Works:

Enchanting an item is simple:

1.) Talk to Myriam and select her "Enchant" Menu.

2.) From there, place an item onto the Enchanting window. A list of properties will appear under your item. You can choose to reroll any one of these properties, and you can find out what resulting properties you have the possibility to obtain by clicking on the question mark to the right of each property.

3.) Once you've decided what property you want to reroll, simply gather the required crafting materials and the necessary gold, select the property you wish to reroll, and then hit "Replace Property" to lock in your choice.

4.) Select your replacement property from the list of available choices. You can view the possible replacement properties to the right on the advanced Enchanting window.

5.) After you've Enchanted an item, you will have the option of replacing its previously Enchanted property with a new property for an additional gold and crafting material cost.

Further Enchanting Details:

Since the resulting property you receive during Enchanting will be random, it's possible that the new properties you're provided may end up being less desirable to you than the one you are replacing. But fear not! In order to mitigate this type of buyer's remorse, Myriam will also offer the previous property in the list of options when using Enchanting. So if you don't like the new property that Enchanting offered you, you can always choose to keep the old one.

Keep in mind that when choosing which property you wish to reroll, you will only be able to reroll that one property from then on out. After a single property has been changed via Enchanting, all other properties will become "locked in" and cannot be rerolled. Also, once you Enchant an item, it will become bound to your account and can no longer be traded to other players.


As you travel through Sanctuary on your quest to vanquish Malthael and his minions, you're sure to encounter a wide array of new and familiar armor and fearsome weapons. While you will still want to carefully check and compare stats on these items to make sure your hero is as powerful as can be, thanks to Myriam, you will also be able to access a new feature in Reaper of Souls called Transmogrification, which will allow you to change and customize the appearance of your hero’s items without having to sacrifice any of their power!

How Transmogrification Works:

All items with a visual appearance are currently planned to be eligible for Transmogrification, including Legendary and Set items. In order to use a specific visual appearance, you’ll first need to unlock it; once unlocked, however, that appearance will be available to all heroes on your account. Common, Magic, and Rare item appearances will unlock as you level up the Mystic, while Legendary and Set item appearances will unlock only after you’ve identified them. 

Transmogrifying an item is easy:

1.) Talk to Myriam and select her "Transmogrify" Menu.

2.) From there, place an item onto the Transmogrification window.

3.) A list of new visual options will appear under your item. You can select any of these appearance options and check out their look on your character in the Preview panel on the right.

4.) Once you've decided what item look you like, simply gather the necessary gold, select the new item look you crave, and then hit "Transmogrify" to lock in your choice.

5.) Adventure on, in style!

Additional Details:

There are a few restrictions to keep in mind whenever Transmogrifying an item:

  • Item appearances you collect in Normal mode will be separate from the unique item appearances you collect in Hardcore mode.
  • While all items with a visual appearance are eligible for Transmogrification, the item appearance you want to use has to have the same underlying animation set as the item you want to Transmogrify. (For example: You could replace the appearance of one two-handed sword with another two-handed sword, or a one-handed sword with a one-handed axe or one-handed mace.)
  • As you acquire new items you're eager to Transmogrify, you'll need to return to the Mystic again in order to have her work her magic on your armor and weapons. This is because Transmogrification affects an individual item, not the item slot.
  • You can dye Transmogrified items; however, if you Transmogrify an equipped item that’s dyed, that dye will be overridden with the current color of the item appearance you’ve selected.
  • Legacy items (items that drop before the expansion or pre-expansion patch goes live) will not unlock unique item appearance, but they can be Transmogrified.
  • As with Enchanting, Transmogrifying an item will also bind it to your account, so it pays to plan ahead.

Rolling the Cart Forward:

Myriam the Mystic will be a powerful ally on your journey through Westmarch and beyond. Whether you’re looking to improve a property on an existing item or eager to show off a unique outfit you’ve created, her Artisan services will help you get some extra mileage out of your arsenal and exotic wardrobe.

These images showcase the progression of the Mystic's Cart in-game,
from Artisan level 1 all the way through the esteemed Artisan level 10!

While there is sure to be a plethora of new weapons, exquisite armor, and other trinkets to discover in Reaper of Souls, what item looks are you eager to collect for Transmogrification purposes after Reaper of Souls launches? Do you have any current items you're looking forward to Enchanting? Let us know in the comments below!