The Papercraft of TaeHyeon Hong

The Papercraft of TaeHyeon Hong

"From the very moment of the existence, the High Heavens and the Burning Hells clashed

in the Eternal Conflict, an apocalyptic war for dominion over all creation."

Can you envision Diablo and Tyrael reincarnated as papercraft figures? TaeHyeon Hong from Korea set out to bring these iconic characters to life using nothing but a few sheets of parchment, and this Artisan Showcase spotlights his incredible work. 

TaeHyeon Hong, is an avid fan of the Diablo series and a prolific paper artist, and recently some members of the Korean Community Team contacted him to find out more about what inspired his impressive figures (Tyrael's sword, El'druin, even lights up!). Read on below to learn about this particular artisan's Sanctuary-themed crafts, or check out the original article here.

I first caught a glimpse of Sanctuary as an elementary school student while watching my older cousins playing Diablo II. It was the monsters and the backdrop of each location that really impressed me then. Of course, there was also the in-game video cinematics.

When Diablo III launched to popular reception, Diablo once again caught my attention. I got my hands on its story and illustrations, videos and other various materials, and soon wanted to create the Diablo character from paper.

Tyrael was inspired after watching his cinematic appearance. The bright luminous wings were impressive too, but what really attracted me was the righteous image of an Archangel giving all he had to protect the people of Sanctuary.

Creating Diablo and Tyrael from paper required a lot of time planning and various reference materials. Luckily, my elder sister borrowed a copy of Book of Cain at her university library, and it was very helpful in completing my figures.

Ever since I was a little kid, I was fascinated by paper-craft and paper-folding. In fact, I continue to challenge myself with new projects, learning along the way. There’s still a long ways to go, but time allowing, I would love to try crafting more characters from the game Diablo, but with higher quality than my latest efforts.

I hope you enjoy my pieces. ^^

Interested in seeing more of these epic papercraft figures? Make sure to visit HyeonTae Hong’s blog for further details as well as more photos of his projects.

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