New Wallpaper: Book of Tyrael

New Wallpaper: Book of Tyrael

"Horadrim, we stand at the turning of a new chapter in mortal history."

In just a few weeks, the Archangel of Wisdom will reveal never-before-known secrets about the history of the world, his decision to join the ranks of humanity as a mortal, and the dark threats that yet face mankind within the beautifully-illustrated and comprehensive Diablo III: Book of Tyrael.

Now you too can show your support of the Horadric Order by enshrining your favorite device in an all-new wallpaper featuring artwork by Glenn Rane! Visit the Insight Editions site to download this wallpaper in multiple resolutions, and make sure to check back for more elegant designs to enblazon your desktops.

Curious about what lies within the pages of the upcoming Book of Tyrael? Then be sure to check out our recent blog to learn more. This secret-filled tome is set to release next month, so be among the first to experience this new chapter in Sanctuary's continuing saga and place your pre-order today!

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