Community Commentary: DiaBro3

Community Commentary: DiaBro3

At some point, most of us have probably wondered which Monster Power is the best for our characters, at least in terms of farming efficiency. For those players who aren't amazing theorycrafters or number-crunchers, finding the right answer to that question can be a little difficult and, in many cases, requires a lot of trial-and-error (which you may or may not have much time for).

Thankfully, the folks over at have put together a quick and easy-to-use calculator to help you determine the general quality of a character's items (as a whole and individual pieces) and, based on those results, suggest an ideal Monster Power level for you to farm on. 


This site is pretty new, so Fiiresphere recently kicked off a thread in the Diablo Fans forums and has been updating based on player feedback. We encourage you to check out the site and, if you're interested, leave your feedback here or drop a note in the original thread to help the DiaBro3 team fine tune this very cool project. (Quick note: This site works off of a general set of calculations to determine what Monster Power you should be playing, so some of you will notice that it suggests a lower Monster Power than you're accustomed to. In general, though, it's pretty accurate for such a quick and easy assessment.)


So, what do you think of Are you satisfied with its gear analysis for your heroes? How did you feel about its suggested Monster Power level for you? Let us know by commenting below!