Community Commentary: The Potential of Loot 2.0

Community Commentary: The Potential of Loot 2.0

This week our Community Commentary takes a look at a thread named "Loot 2.0, discovering its true potential," posted by MrMonstrosity on

In this thread, MrMonstrosity discusses what he would like to see from future itemization updates, covering such topics as drop rates, high-end crafting, how to generate more excitement when a Legendary drops, collection rewards, and more. He also provides some wonderful mock-ups to assist with conveying these ideas, engaging readers not only on a theoretical level, but on a visual one as well.

Image Credit: MrMonstrosity 

This particular post has inspired conversations across several different sites, so you can decide if you'd like to chat about it in the original thread, our official Diablo III forums, Diablo IncGamers, or /r/Diablo. (If you'd like to learn more about the motivation behind this thread, you may also want to check out overneathe's interview with MrMonstrosity, available here.)

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