Share Your Tips for #Newphalem

Share Your Tips for #Newphalem

With the arrival of Diablo III on Nintendo Switch, tons of new players have joined the fight for Sanctuary—and with new players come familiar questions about the game.

Thankfully, our community of PC and console players has game knowledge in spades! To help these groups connect, we’re creating an ongoing blog compiling helpful information, as well as a handful of helpful posts on social media.

Each week, we’ll highlight the most helpful tips shared by veteran players in the Diablo community. To join in, simply share your tips for new players below or in a comment on our Twitter posts. If you can’t come up with one for the current topic, don’t worry—we’ll cover new ones each week.

Below are a few conversation starters. Have anything to add? Share your tips with the community!

Tip #1: The five item types in Diablo III are Common, Magic, Rare, Legendary, and Set. Legendary and Set are the most powerful and must be identified before use. Learn more about items and equipment here.

Question: What are your item hunting tips for new players?

  • Morgoth – Spend Blood Shards on less expensive items at Kadala before aiming for more expensive ones.
  • PingEgoBox – Open every chest you come across! It only takes a second, and they can provide helpful upgrades (including powerful items).
  • Purrfected – If you out-level a Legendary item with a unique power, you can add it to Kanai’s Cube, letting you keep the power without the item.
  • @Kigaladin – If you find a duplicate Set Item, you can convert it to a different piece of the set in Kanai’s Cube.
  • @westy_72 –Equip a cosmetic pet at the Mystic in Adventure Mode to get a helpful ally that can pick up any gold that’s lying around.


Tip #2: Don’t forget—you can customize specific gear pieces with the Artisans you find in each town hub. Learn more about artisans here.

Question: What are your crafting tips for new players?

  • @KrackyGaming – Items that lower the level requirement to equip them can give you access to more powerful gear earlier – keep an eye out for them as drops from enemies, or try crafting them with the Blacksmith
  • MrBeefy – Pick up every item when you start out; you can salvage what you don’t need with the Blacksmith for mats you can use to craft more helpful items later on.


Tip #3: Your Followers can be strong allies in battle! Don’t forget to keep their skills and gear up to date along with your own.

Learn more about Followers here.

Question: What are your tips for gearing up your Followers?


Tip #4: Myriam the Mystic can change the appearance of items and allow you to reroll stats—be sure to customize your gear! Learn more about enchanting here.

Question: What do you think are the most important stats for different item slots?

  • Lolesch / Burningskull – Don’t worry too much about customizing items with the Artisans or buying items from vendors before you hit level 70 – you’ll still find useful gear upgrades by just playing through the game.


Tip #5: Adventure Mode contains exclusive zones like Greyhollow Island, the Ruins of Sescheron, and the Realms of Fate. Learn more about Adventure Mode here.

Question: Which of the Adventure Mode-exclusive zones should a #newphalem visit first?

  • @Skellington977 / @Evitron / @Vingspann / @BlitzRazor / @ForsakenBorg - The Ruins of Sescheron for Kanai's Cube!
  • @Inertubes9000 - Greyhollow Island, for the luxurious beaches.


Tip #6: Post Copy: #Newphalem Tip 6: Teaming up with other players lets you split up bounties, helping you earn rewards more quickly.

Question: What are your bounty hunting tips?