Play Your Way Thursday – Kingdudman's "Raining Dead Witch Doctor" Build

Play Your Way Thursday – Kingdudman's "Raining Dead Witch Doctor" Build

Literal death from above. Grasp of the Dead (Rain of Corpses) drops a cadre of cadavers onto your unsuspecting enemies. In this week’s Witch Doctor edition of Play Your Way, Kingdudman#1375 capitalizes on this horrifying display of gravitational destruction to flood your screen with the chaos of death and destruction that only a master of voodoo can bring.

About the Build

This is definitely a piecemeal build that works via the Legacy of Nightmares bonus, boosting damage and survivability across the board. As for the actual skills and mechanics, expect to be dropping Grasp of the Dead left and right by wielding Wilken’s Reach for that cooldown removal, Deadly Rebirth for the free Rain of Corpses rune, throwing out Zombie Dogs via Sacrifice (Provoke the Pack) for even more corpse-tastic fun (and a nice DPS boost), and some hybrid pet support for crowd control, defense, and supplemental damage.

It’s raining dead, hallelujah, it’s raining dead!

There is more than sufficient damage and survivability to not only reliably farm Torment X, but to climb moderately high into Greater Rifts. Kingdudman has taken this up to Greater Rift 65, and there’s something to be said for the pure joy that is decimating your enemies by chucking corpses at them.

The Skills

Here’s a closer look at this build in the skill calculator.

Active Skills:

Passive Skills:

The Items

Required Items:

Recommended Items:

Recommended Legendary Gems:

Recommended Kanai’s Cube Powers:

Recommended Stats:

  • Offense: Attack Speed, +% Cold Damage, +% Physical Damage, Critical Hit Damage
  • Defense: Armor, % Life
  • Other: Gold and Health Pickup Radius

Tell Us What You Think!

What are you running on your Witch Doctor? Do you enjoy the death and decay side of voodoo, or are you instead a master of pets? Have you rained corpses from above with great success? Let us know in the comments or be sure to send us your build!

Next time, we’ll take a look at the deadly and agile Demon Hunter. See you in Sanctuary!